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The Hobbit- A review

Seasons Greetings from HFQ! Issue 15 is a scant ten days away, eager to be let loose upon the world!

Went to see The Hobbit earlier in the week. Awesome, as expected! One could quibble with changes from the book(s), but honestly, at this point I've come to realize that when I walk into that theater Peter Jackson is the BOSS of me, so I won't spit into that wind.

It is a movie that, much like ...the book it is based on, straddles the line between kinda-silly, and kinda terrifying. Bilbo's world is full of creatures that want to eat him, but first they want to talk to him- about eating him!

Okay, one quibble that I'll delve into here.- and it's a holdover quibble from LoTR movies. I really wanted the orcs/goblins to have some teeth, you kow? In the books, even when Gimli and Legolas are killing dozens of them, each orc/goblin/Urik Hai, is still potentially deadly, but in the movies? Eh.... just filling up space. And THAT gives the whole movie(s) a video-gamish feel, fighting orcs is just so much button-mashing until you get to the level-boss of the troll or the nazgul or what-have-you. Could have been better!

So, my big complaint on the Hobbit is that I'd have rather had one exciting fight scene with the goblins than the long chase scene. In fact, we got 13 dwarves, wold it kill Peter Jackson to break an arm or two? Just show 'em bandaged up or something... walking with a limp even.

Oh!  And it just occured to me that they should totally have had Vin Diesel playing Azog the goblin.  Box Office GOLD!
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