hfqezine (hfqezine) wrote,

Total Recall, totally late review

Went to see TOTAL RECALL last week.  ...I think I like the 90s version better.

Part of that is because when Arnold S. throws a guy across a room you can totallly believe it 'cause its Arnold.  Collin Farrel throws a guy across a room?  Not so much.  And yeah, he's supposed to be all super-secret-agent, but... well, when Matt Damon as Joason Bourne hits a guy it looks lke he's putting every pound of Matt Damon into that punch, but not so with Collin Farrel. 

I'm pretty sure the director knows how to choreograph a fight scene, so this (and the fact that therea re often armed bad guys kind of standing around NOT shooting in several scenes) leads me to believe that the 2012 TOtAL RECALL is, in fact, all a dream, it is exactly what he paid for.


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